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"Karin is a great listener, mentor and coach. Together we worked through some complex issues with Karin acting as impartial facilitator. She helped to raise a number of important questions during our session that will directly help develop and shape my business."

Andy Stephenson
Founder & CEO Weekend Box

"Karin is warm, direct with no management buzzwords or bullshit"

Simon Hackworthy
Music Leader in team away day

“Working with Karin is always energising and it's all about creative passion. You go through your ideas for a business plan and she says "OK, now what do you REALLY WANT to do?" Her process is more than just coaching, it's about self discovery & it takes you to unexpected places. I come away from sessions so full of ideas, practical solutions yes, but also BIG ideas that challenge me. Always wonderful working with Karin”

Laura Quigley
Freelance writer

"Karin helped me to clarify my goals, showed me some excellent planning tools that I still use today, and took me through the complex process of a grant application. She works with great clarity and integrity but most importantly for creative people she is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. She put me at ease from the start, boosted my confidence and I can honestly say I achieved more than I imagined possible during our time because of her support. She is inspiring and truly professional."

Kamini Gupta
Artist & Retreat Leader

"Karin has a strong knowledge of facilitation techniques, group working and business planning for creatives, giving her a great foundation for helping people to move forward with their dreams and goals. She is also au fait with technologies, working digitally and collaboratively with ease, giving her flexibility to match that of her clients. I recommend Karin and her services highly to people hoping to transform their situation."

Katie Tokus
Singer & Spoken Word artist


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