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"Karin is a great listener, mentor and coach. Together we worked through some complex issues with Karin acting as impartial facilitator. She helped to raise a number of important questions during our session that will directly help develop and shape my business."

Andy Stephenson
Founder of Weekend Box

"An invaluable opportunity to re-assess the direction you're taking, helping you to find and read your inner compass and progress towards your goal"

Belinda Dixon
Freelance writer

"Karin is warm, direct with no management buzzwords or bullshit."

Music Leader

“Working with Karin is always energising and it's all about creative passion. Her process is more than just coaching, it's about self discovery & it takes you to unexpected places. I come away from sessions so full of ideas, practical solutions yes, but also BIG ideas that challenge me. Always wonderful working with Karin.”

Laura Quigley

"Go with an open mind, even if you feel you know about coaching, there is something, a golden nugget you could take away with you to be implemented in your practice"

Caroline Jackman
Crafts Council

"Karin helped me to clarify my goals, showed me some excellent planning tools that I still use today. She works with great clarity and integrity but most importantly for creative people she is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. She put me at ease from the start, boosted my confidence. She is inspiring and truly professional."

Kamini Gupta
Artist & Retreat Leader

"Karin has a clear, concise and well paced approach. She shows supreme understanding of those areas experienced by many of her clients; this empathy enables her to work closely with them beyond business issues to realise their own potential so they truly own the situation and any action points. She brings enormous clarity to her clients circumstances as well as a wealth of practical options for them to explore. Karin provides a very credible source of support and builds strong client relationships"

Alan Eden
SFEDI assesor

"Karin has great presence, is relatable and approachable; she made the session fun while encouraging us to think outside our normal parameters"

Crafts Council

"Karin has a strong knowledge of facilitation techniques, group working and business planning for creatives, giving her a great foundation for helping people to move forward with their dreams and goals. She is also au fait with technologies, working digitally and collaboratively. I recommend Karin and her services highly to people hoping to transform their situation."

Katie Tokus
Singer, Songwriter, Spoken Word artist

"I can thoroughly recommend Karin for her approach to coaching and her knowledge of her subject. The day was relaxing yet purposeful and I left feeling positive and revitalised about my future"

Fi Darby freelance

"Thank you for your openess, your human facilitation style and for reading the mood and temperature of the room so very well"

Katia Stewart
Talent Development Manager, Crafts Council

"Karin is very engaging, knowledgeable, approachable and clear!"

Coaching skills workshop

"Karin is perfectly in tune, with a sense of nurturing us through the day - I felt very cared for and we have all learned a great deal"

Nicky Dewar
Head of Learning and Talent Development

"I was unsure of what to expect and not sure of the benefit of coaching however am now feeling elated at thought of furthering my career. Karin has given me confidence and helped me me to see the potential of my skills and identified very believable ways in which this potential could be realised"

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