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Karin Jordan

As an experienced trainer, creativity, earth wisdom, career and business coach together with consultancy and higher education lecturing experience, Karin's approach is person centred, interactive and enlivening. She has worked as a sole trader for over 20 years, experiencing many challenges along with the successes. Karin works with a range of individual and organisational clients, many are pioneers creating new ways of living and working at the edges of the mainstream.

Karin is passionate about unlocking talent and helping people to connect and shine. She has worked with hundreds of people helping them to share their talents, passion and creativity to achieve exciting and authentic livelihoods - ways of living and working that create enlivenment. With experience of working within and across the creative, community, charity, university, local authority and corporate sectors, Karin brings a rich experience of engaging diverse audiences, customers and commissioners.

She works with any individual, team, group or organisation who wants to find and use their authentic untapped potential. We start wherever you are and a free, no obligation, 15 minute session is offered to explore the capacity to work together, you can arrange one by selecting CONNECT on the menu above.

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