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Everyone is delightfully unique however, 

*You may be an individual, team, group or organisation who are curious about unearthing their unique potential to stretch, grow and restore.  

*You’re keen to start wherever you are and feel encouraged to unearth your options and choose the ones that work for you

*You’re happy to work virtually online (Global) or in person in or outside with any current CV-19 guidelines in place (South Devon, UK) 

*You’re curious to begin your journey today with a FREE, no obligation, 15-minute session to explore your next steps? (No obligation means: after the FREE session, you are totally free to choose whether we work together or not) 

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About Me

Hello and welcome!  I am passionate about unlocking talent and helping people to connect and shine.  

Known for my warm and compassionate approach, I’ve worked with hundreds of Pioneers and Visionaries helping them to share their talents, passion and creativity to achieve exciting and joyful livelihoods – ways of living and/or working that create enlivened and restorative worlds. I would love to work alongside you too!  

 *Whatever your path or desired destination, I am in service to helping you to unearth your full potential and tap into a more empowered way of living and/or working, as an individual, partnership, team or organisation.   

 *As an experienced, qualified and insured Creativity, Earth Wisdom, Life and Business Coach together with Community Development Work, Activist, Rewilding and University (teaching) experience, I respond to a wide range of needs.  

  * I enjoy working alongside a diverse range of individuals and organisations, many of whom are pioneers creating new ways of living and working  – The Pioneers and Visionaries tribe of catalysts, path pavers, evolutionaries, social entrepreneurs, idea seeds, change agents, beautifully wonky, new paradigm pioneers and more…  

*Many clients find working in nature to be a strong ally for change and as an experienced nature connection guide we can work in this way if you choose…

*I offer you a free, no obligation, 15 minute session to explore the capacity to work together. No obligation means: after the FREE session, we are each free to choose whether to work together or not.


*I look forward to hearing how I can be of service to unearthing your full potential!

"Karin led us on a fun, deep dive into ourselves. It was short yet very thorough, profound yet easy going, and beautifully guided by Karin"
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