Why coaching?

Imagine unearthing your individual, organisational or business’ hidden assets. Then imagine using them in a stimulating way to find solutions to challenges. And finally, imagine someone working alongside you, adapting their approach to your personality, learning style and situation. That’s what coaching is.

Coaching is effective because it deals with live issues. It focuses on the realities of the current situation and develops creative options that are then tried and tested.

I believe that every individual, organisation and team is the expert on their work and life and has all the resources they need to be an agent of change, sometimes they just need a little help to use them.

I trained as a coach because I wanted to help people to find and use their hidden assets to anticipate the future and to add value wherever they chose to focus. I also wanted an approach where they did most of the talking and I listened acutely and exquisitely to what was being said. Have a look at my testimonials page to see what others say about working with me.

If that’s enough to get you started then call 07866 973028, Skype: karinjdevon or email: ideas (at) karinjordan (dot) com for a free, no-obligation discussion.