Code of Conduct

I believe that every individual, organisation and team is the expert on their work and life and has all the resources they need to make any changes; sometimes they just need a little help to find and use them.

I can work alongside you, your team or business in a variety of ways and at the heart of each is the desire to create inspirational space for clarity, commitment and action.

Right approach, right time

You are keen to know how I approach working alongside people and to decide whether it could work for you.  I am keen to ensure that we are well matched to work together which is why I offer a no-obligation opportunity for us to explore exactly that. Arrange one of these by calling me on 07866973028  or skype: karinjdevon or email: ideas [at] karinjordan [dot] com

Equal opportunity

Alchemy strives to work in ways that oppose discrimination on any grounds whether it be age, race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation or disability and endeavours to provide a supportive environment which affords equal respect to all participants.

Building Natural Capital

I prefer to conserve natural resources and help them to grow wherever possible.  As an example of this, the Alchemy office uses electricity from Good Energy (100% renewables) and supports the Equibo Social enterprise energy supplier for gas.  We recycle, upcyle and re-use as much as possible. When we work outdoors we leave no trace. It’s a start, and when we complete our move to our ideal live/work space, we intend to do more…