Thanks to my clients enthusiasm for taking the time to share their feedback, you can get an idea of what they say about working with me. I’ve included a few for each of a selection of workshops, seminars and coaching sessions and  I’m happy to supply more from the wealth of feedback  I have; just email me to request them letting me know your particular area of interest: ideas(at) karinjordan(dot)com

‘Authentic Brand You’ seminars

“Karin is inspiring, challenging and supportive. ‘Brand You’ directs the emphasis from the business back to the creator” Claire Crompton

“Fast moving but exhilarating seminar. Clear statements, good listener, inspirational, clear format” Robin James

“Karin is a very clear and positive trainer with lots of energy and enthusiasm for what she does. “The session  was fun, concise and really thought provoking. I definitely came away with a clearer sense of myself and the positive things I have to offer” Victoria Allen

Organisational development/team work

“Excellent facilitation and a really good start for our organisational development. The workshops have provided a better understanding of my team and the issues which are relevant to them.  This has helped the team (35 people) to take more ownership of their roles into the organisation as a whole” Ben Ballard, Director

“Variety of exercises and breaks; spurts of activity and reflection. A v.relaxing method which still achieves alot. The physical movement and visual stuff cements it” Team leader on organisational away day

“No management buzzwords or bullshit” Simon Hackworthy, Team leader

“A really well presented, structured and delivered way of looking at the organisation on all levels, with an open and transparent approach” Team leader on organisational away day

Entrepreneur workshops

“Superb! Karin’s varied techniques and the way the day was structured was very creative and productive – I had fun!” Rachel Venis, entrepreneur

“I feel excited and motivated, Karin was very good at involving everyone and making us feel at ease talking about our business ideas” Dorian Weeks, entrepreneur

“It has helped me to realise and put into action my ideas for growth” James Kerrison, entrepreneur workshop

“I loved the interactiveness you had with us, making us move around, keeping us awake and involved with colour, music and leggo” Aimee Luscombe, entrepreneur

“I now feel confident in how much we [as a business] have achieved already and what we need to do to get up and running” Alex Ryley, Mutant Labs; entrepreneur workshop

“Great speaker, clear, definite, friendly. I gained focus and relevant facts along with inspiration – Great!” Eileen Lister, Cognivity; entrepreneur workshop

“I like the fact that you love what you do and you’re good at it. I feel you could be more even handed with time given to exercises or explanations on occasions” Rosie Gibson, entrepreneur workshop

“Kind, encouraging, clear to the point” Aidan Seymour, entrepreneur workshop

Collaboration seminars

“Karin offers clear, informative, fast paced access to the World of collaboration – good balance of practice and theory” Will Amery, ‘Collaboration – the relationship challenge’ seminar.

“If you are interested in collaborating but are a bit weary or confused,  book Karin! She’ll clear it up and not patronise you or make you feel like you were wrong – FAB.” Dominique Mitchell ‘Collaboration – the relationship challenge’ seminar

Business Planning Workshops

“I thought the day would be a more down to earth practical session – dry and dusty.  This was really creative” David Haines, Singtastic; Business Planning workshop

“Brilliantly executed – very creative” Business Planning workshop

“It will probably contribute to developing a side of work that has been submerged” Volkshart Muller, Business Planning workshop

“The best business planning seminar I have attended” Hailey Cattle, Business Planning workshop

“It was a total surprise and more than ‘business’ issues” Business Planning workshop

“Asked a lot of pertinent questions and made me think about my motivations in an interesting way” Ros Ford, Business Planning workshop

“It was wide ranging, fun, interesting and stimulating. I found the final action plan reflection extremely helpful in using today to take me forward” Sue Mitchinson, Business Planning workshop